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  • Critical Mass London - Not so much a group, as an "organised coincidence". This group bike ride usually meets at the Victoria Park band-shell around 6:00pm on the last Friday of the month.
  • Food Not Bombs London - A group working to bring yummy vegan food to all instead of not-so-yummy bombs.
  • Global Importune - Based in London,Ontario, we are the worlds largest Amnesty International letter signing group with more than 519 active participating members throughout the US and Canada. Our group works on behalf of and calls for the release of Amnesty International Political Prisoners.
  • London Commons - A collective in London working to establish itself as a community organizers cooperative.
  • Iconoclast Media - Iconoclast Media is an Independent Media Group from London Ontario
  • Latin American Canadian Solidarity Association - A group of Canadians and Latin Americans who share a common interest in promoting human rights, labour rights, social justice, fair trade and peace in Latin America, Canada and the world.
  • London Activist Network - Mailing list for the activist mind in London by Londoners.
  • People for Peace - An ad hoc group of people committed to peace, and working toward it in London, Ontario.

HandbookResources for Activists

  • Links: web sites associated with activism in London, Ontario.
  • Media contacts: This handbook is dedicated to collating all of the media contacts in London, Ontario and surrounding areas to help activists and groups reach out to the media.
  • Centre for Social Concern - The intention of the Centre is to bring issues of poverty, inequality, and other forms of injustice under the scrutiny of social analysis.
  • Civil disobedience: A handbook on civil disobedience tactics and considerations tailored to activists in London, Ontario.
  • Ontario Tenants' Rights
  • Mailman help: Help for using GNU Mailman, one of the most common activist mailing list managers around.
  • Independent bookstores in London: A list of independent bookstores in London, Ontario. This list was made as part of the boycott campaign against Chapters/Indigo.

GroupsInactive Groups

  • Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army - An army of clowns dedicated to highlighting the offensive role of Canada's military.
  • Counter-Stryker - A group formed to question the ethics and politics of military research contracts in Canadian universities.
  • London Alternative Media Coalition
  • London Indymedia - A collectively operated progressive web site, radio show, and print zine.
  • London Palestinian film festival - A film festival showcasing Palestinian films and documentaries with the goal of raising awareness about issues surrounding Palestinians.
  • London Project for a Participatory Society The London Project for a Participatory Society (LPPS) is an anti-racist, pro-feminist, anti-capitalist organization, committed to promoting radical social change. We participate actively in struggles for social and environmental justice, and for political and economic democracy.
  • archives - A depository for documents and info relating to the, its organization, principles and actions.
  • Empowerment Centre- An activist resource centre at 636 Queens street.
  • 2007 RSF Food Committee - Working group responsible for planning and preparing meals for the 2007 Regional Social Forum.
  • Summer of Resistance 2007 - This group aims to diffuse information about different anti-imperialists activities that will take place during the summer 2007 (and beyond ?).
  • Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights UWO - A student group on UWO campus working to raise awareness of Palestinian human rights in Israel and Palestine.
  • UWO Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) - UWO PIRG is a non-partisan group interested in social & environmental issues that affect members of the university community and of society as a whole. We work to bring about change through education and action. PIRG organizations have been active since the 1970's when Ralph Nader started the first PIRGs across North America.