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London Commons collective is a collective of workers and students that is on its way to incorporating as a non-profit cooperative. The collective currently operates a community networking site at The website is a free online soapbox for individuals and groups in London, Ontario. A business plan is also under development to turn the collective into a community organizing body in the shape of a cooperative run by consensus.

How can you get involved?

Go to and create an account. With an account you can vote on which pieces of content get put on the front page, or you can post content of your own. The site supports blogs (online columns or journals), images, audio files and regular documents. There's also a calendar of events and forums for casual discussion.

When you create an account, pay attention to the form: real names are required on this site. That was decided by consensus at the first London Commons Collective meeting for the reason that we are trying to get neighbours to know and work with each other.


  • community calendar - Post your groups events on our calendar. The calendar can be viewed by month, week or day or separated by event type (ie. concerts, or political actions.) You can even automatically add the events from our calendar to your calendar program/pda/cellphone with our iCal feed: webcal://
  • London Commons meetings are always announced here, in case you'd like to bookmark it. Also available in RSS or iCal: webcal:// formats.

Planned services of the cooperative

Like any other kind of business, the cooperative will need some way to make money. While we have dreams of organizing cooperatives and collectives in all types of work, we're also new, relatively small and pretty much broke. So we're starting with areas that we already have experience in and can be done on a budget.

The low capital services we'll probably start with are:

  • a computer recycling, fixng and teaching program
  • a bike recycling, fixing and teaching workers cooperative
  • an energy cooperative specialising in wind power, biodiesel or both

That part of the plan is still not nailed down. Right now we're focusing on running the website, getting ourselves organized and working out an organizational and decision making structure based on consensus. We want to have our first business plan complete and be incorporated by the fall.


The London Commons has copies of documents that are currently being written on this Wiki. These copies are here because doesn't have anything like the collaborative editing features of a Wiki yet.

Policy Related Pages

Meeting Minutes

  • A list of London Commons meeting minutes is maintained here:Meeting Minutes


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