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London, Ontario, Canada

Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing revolutionary movements active in North America today and is gaining momentum all over the world. There are over 175 autonomous chapters sharing vegetarian food with hungry people and protesting war and poverty throughout the Americas, Europe and Australia.

Note: As of October, 2009, local Food Not Bombs actions still are happening, yet the organizers haven't been using this wiki page for some time now


How to get involved

Contact us at foodnotbombslondon at hotmail dot com or participate in our forum hosted by the London Commons

Some possible areas of involvement include:

  • finding donation spots/other sources of food (dumpsters, friends with surplus fresh/dry food and so on…)
  • picking up food donations
  • (creative)cooking
  • emailing about upcoming events
  • finding/creating informative info flyers/pamphlets for distribution
  • helping to give away food and info at events, protests, on the street
  • help with possible FNB booth at London's Regional Social Forum
  • editing/adding to the wiki!
  • any other talents you want to contribute!
  • there is also a forum (instead of a mailing list) for Food Not Bombs London on the London Commons forum section

Calendar (not currently in use)

  • Calendar of events for proposed and confirmed events
  • feel free to propose any Food Not Bombs events by contacting foodnotbombslondon at hotmail dot com
  • if you are running an event that falls in line with FNB's activism Mission and vision let us know so we can either come with some food, info and encouragement OR help you publicize your event.

Writing and photos

Writing and photos about Food Not Bombs London

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