CIRCA/Press release - 15 July 2006

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Clowns will hit the streets on Saturday, signing up new recruits for the London Brigade of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, or CIRCA. Wearing big hair and red noses, clowns will walk around with clip boards explaining to potential recruits the tremendous advantages of joining CIRCA versus joining the Canadian Forces.

“We may get laughed at,” explains Shmeneral Fufu . “But we never kill people. And we don't get shot at. Not to mention our uniforms are way snazzier.”

CIRCA's London Brigade was organized to resist Canada's military role in Afghanistan. “Most Canadians expect that the Canadian Forces are exclusively used for peace keeping,” says Field Marshmallow Zonkers. “Instead, the government has Canadian soldiers fighting an offensive campaign in the mountains.”

This June Foreign Affairs minister Peter McKay said Canada's budget for Afghanistan will reach 3.5 billion. Many Canadians don't realize that of the 2.3 billion spent to date, 1.8 billion went to military operations and only 500 million to humanitarian aid and "democratic renewal." "Canada has spent almost five times more on helping the American military rout out Taliban than on helping the Afghani people rebuild their country," says Subcommandainty Marbles.