Summer of Resistance 2007

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General Information

General information about the mailing list

SPP Primer

SPP Official Website

Wikipedia entry on SPP

Do you know about SPP?


Fact Sheet: Improving Border Security and Immigration Within Existing Law

Who's Involved?

London, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

Montreal, Quebec

Toronto, Ontario

Niagara Region

Quebec, Quebec

Vancouver, BC

Montebello, Quebec


Mexico City, Mexico

How do I get involved?

1. If you notice something written in English with no French translation, or vice versa, please translate it.

Si vous voyez quelque chose écrit en anglais sans traduction française, ou réciproquement, s'il-vous-plait traduisez-le.

2. Visit the DISCUSSION tab, above, and engage others on how to make this site work for our needs.

3. Join the list-serv.

Organizing Principles

Council of Canadians' Statement of Non-violence


Action in Montebello

Action around Atlantica

Actions elsewhere


Activist Resources for the SPP

  • General
  • Security Culture for Activists:
  • First Aid for Activists

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