London's Indybrigade Recruiting

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In conjunction with Ottawa's recruitment for an Indybrigade of video activists, I am putting out a call to everyone who is interested in helping London's Media Activist Militia recruit and train for their Indybrigade. This volunteer group will be requested to join / legally observe other persons attending SPP & anti-SPP and other actions happening throughout the next year, including the Bush / Harper / Calderon visit to Montebello, Quebec Aug. 19 - 21.

Training and recruitment will begin in Victoria Park, this Saturday August 11th 2007, at the bandshell @ 3pm.

Indy Journalists, bring your media arsenal. If you do not have one, we will try to provide something for you. Some examples would be pens, pencils, notebooks, cameras, videocams, laptops, mp3 and tape recorders, usb memory sticks, etc. Bring extras if you have them and don't mind lending.

Others, consider helping out with food, transportation, planning & tactics, entertainment, etc.

Be serious. Be creative. Be helpful.

No experience necessary.

Can't make it? Recruit yourself online @