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LACASA-London, the Latin American Canadian Solidarity Association, is a group of Canadians and Latin Americans who share a common interest in promoting human/labour rights, social justice, fair trade and peace in Latin America, Canada and the world. We are a non-profit group that functions on a strictly volunteer basis. We receive no funding from any private or public sources, save for limited and targeted fundraising that we undertake for specific causes. We work as a rather informal, non-hierarchical collective. We strive to work in collaboration with other activist groups who share the same values and interests. We have co-sponsored a number of events with groups like People for Peace, the Cross Cultural Learner Centre, the Council of Canadians in London, King's College Centre for Social Concern, Project Solidarity, and recently with Huron PIRG and the London Oaxaca Solidarity Group.

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Calendar of events

What we do

Public Education: Our main goal is to educate the Canadian public and the local community about issues that are of concern to our members. For example, we have participated in the Regional Social Forum and the Social Justice Now Conferences by offering workshops on a variety of topics. We have hosted educational tours such as the one organized by Rights Action on Canadian Mining interests in Central America and most recently the visit of Raquel Cruz Manzano, a representative of the Teachers Union in Oaxaca Mexico who have at the forefront of a popular resistance movement in that area since May of 2006, see our Calendar for details.

Campaigns: We take part in local or national/international campaigns that promote human rights, fair trade and social justice. We are part of the campaign to end secret trials in Canada Campaign to stop secret trials in Canada

We are also co-sponsoring a campaign of solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, Mexico, together with the newly formed London Oaxaca Solidarity Group, students and local unions. Information on Oaxaca can be found hereand also here.

Fair trade coffee: We promote the sale of Cafe Justicia, a "fair-trade-plus" organic, bird-friendly coffee produced by a Mayan Peasant Cooperative in the Highlands of Guatemala. We are currently selling this fair trade coffee at various solidarity events thruout town. If you are interested in knowing more about purchasing or selling CJ please contact Victor Caxaj.

Urgent Action: We respond to urgent action requests from like-minded groups in Canada and Latin America by writing letters and petitions to the relevant authorities. We are presently asking Canadians to write letters denouncing the Human Rights abuses suffered by the Teachers Union in Oaxaca and the movement that is supporting them.

How to reach us

You can reach us by writing us an email message or by phone at 519-657-0599.