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Iconoclast Media is an Independent Media Group from London Ontario. Iconoclast Media is designed to promote progressive ideas that are accessible (not alienatingly academic) to different groups and ages. We aim to reveal and challenge dominant, stale and destructive mythologies and ideologies that permeate and create our everyday lives, systems, and environments. Our output is concerned mainly with issues that are local and political, however we are also interested in aspects of contemporary culture.

“Iconoclast”- a person who supports ‘iconoclasm’, a term that has come to be applied figuratively to any person who breaks or disdains established dogmata or conventions. (Wikipedia).

Iconoclast Media is designed to do such that - to smash contemporary mythologies of London Ontario, Canada and the world. Some of these myths could be the following:

o Canada is a “Peacekeeping” nation, and is a “Force for Good” on the international stage o Big Business is good for everybody globally and locally o “Ambassador London” is a grassroots campaign o We need to attract new Big Businesses to London Ontario o The Canadian government embraces diversity o Sprawl is inevitable o London Media accurately reflects the interests of average Londoners and relevant issues

Myths are often taught in subtle ways, usually, in the form of various medias. Language can be used to fog over the reality of situations and topics one can speak about. The objective, clinical language is commonly negated. The reason Iconoclast Media uses the name Iconoclast is because it is trying to dispel myths by naming things what they really are - and what is really happening.

Iconoclast Media currently produces:

- A monthly print Zine called “Iconoclast” which started in July 2008

-This website

- Short Documentaries

- And other socially and politically relevant Zines

Contact us at Iconoclastzine {@} gmail.com

  • All articles submitted will be considered for publication in print and on this site.