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Mark Konrad, Executive Director Global Importune P.O. Box 39040 London, Ontario N5Y 5L1 CANADA 519-434-2553 email:

Mark Konrad is the founder and Executive Director of Global Importune, a non-profit human rights organization based in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Global Importune helps to facilitate the release of Amnesty International political prisoners by mobilizes hundreds of volunteers to petition government to recognize the human rights of political prisoners. In the seven years of Global Importune's existence, it has written on behalf of more then 2,500 Amnesty International political prisoners, and has been responsible in part the for the release of more than 319 Amnesty International Political Prisoners around the world.

While letter signing is the primary mission of Global Importune; the organization has also:

Sponsored a human rights panel detailing the rights and responsibilities of corporations in developing countries at the Academy of Management's Annual Conference in Denver...sponsored several "persecuted writers" campaigns at local bookstores...provided human rights displays and resource materials at libraries...brought Global Importune's "respect for human rights" message to countless community groups, elementary, junior and high schools...distributed their "You are not forgotten this holiday season" political prisoner holiday cards to hundreds of concerned activists,... sponsored a fund raiser to help Burmese Women and Children Refugees living on the Thai-Burma Border...sponsored speaking tours around the Philadelphia area for former Amnesty International political prisoner conducted a six-week after school human rights course for city high school students in Philadelphia...donated human rights materials to teachers for their classroom...sponsored an international human rights case writing competition, and awarded a grant to a Professor to produce a teaching case study of human rights abuse in Mexico and its ties to American corporations for use in business schools around the world.

A graduate of Temple University with a B.A. in Political Science, Mark worked for three years in Washington D.C. with Consumer Advocate and former Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader. As a Legislative Liaison for Congressional Affairs, Marks job was to lobby members on Congress and get them to vote on consumer issue in the public interest and not the private interests of big business.

As early as 1976, Mark began his activist career by raising his voice on behalf of abuses children by volunteering for C.A.P.E., the Child Abuse Prevention Effort. Within three years, Mark had become a member of C.A.P.E.'s Board of Directors and coordinated C.A.P.E.¡¯s public relations effort.

In the early 1980's, Mark continued to get involved by volunteered and working with a number of peace and social justice causes and nonviolently protesting for nuclear disarmament, women¡¯s reproductive rights and preventing war.

In November of 1989, Mark joined the Chestnut Hill Amnesty International group and began a new phase of his activist career. Mark coordinated an extensive letter writing campaign and was responsible in part for the release of many Amnesty International political prisoners. By June of 1992 the group boasted an extradinary eight fold monthly membership increase.

Mark traveled to Northern Ireland in 1980 and Nicaragua in 1988 to witness firsthand the ravages of civil war and the affects on the indigenous population. Mark has traveled throughout most of the United States of America, Egypt, Australia, Morocco, Spain, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Israel, Czechoslovak, El Salvador, Mexico, Poland and many other countries that violate human rights.

In 1983, Mark was honored by the Chapel of the Four Chaplains for his Meritorious Service to the Community. Mark now travels to the United States lecturing on human rights and his experience as a human rights activist. He now lives in Canada.

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