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Empowerment is a volunteer-run radical community centre dedicated to providing the tools, resources, and space for the grassroots organizing of environmental action and positive social change.

The Empowerment Resource Centre is not a proponent of a particular ideology or 'system', but does have principles in anti-oppression, anti-authoritarianism, community/coalition building, DIY culture, and mutual aid.

We at 'Empowerment' are proud to be part of a global network of Infoshops, autonomous spaces, projects & people dreaming and working for a better world.

The Empowerment Resource Centre officially opened its doors in October of 2007 as London’s first-ever (that we know of) Infoshop with an actual, physical space. We are a radical and activist resource center, library, infoshop, and a whole lot more. We’re working to become a central networking space for local and regional grassroots projects and organizations in Southwestern Ontario.