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The Ride

This group bike ride usually meets at at the Victoria Park band-shell around 6:00pm on the last Friday of the month.

There is no official route, but the ride usually rolls along the streets of the city's core. The ride is on the road, following the rules of the road is generally up to the discretion of the rider or to a group consensus, if possible, before the ride begins.


Critical Mass rides occur in cities all over the world, generally on the last Friday of each month.

In theory, there is no hierarchy or leaders involved, no group or coalition planing the event (beyond where and when to meet, and perhaps where the ride will end) and no message to advocate. In practice, however, Critical Mass is understood to be an effort to promote alternative (non-motorised) modes of transportation and related infrastructure and to raise awareness about safety issues commuters using non-motorised forms of transportation face in sharing the streets with motor-vehicles.

Some rides in cities such as New York, San Francisco and London, England, have found themselves under the scrutiny of the local police, with some riders facing tickets, confiscation of their bikes or arrests.

In London, Critical Mass rides have been occuring intermittently at least since 2001.

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