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Counter-Stryker is a group formed to question the ethics and politics of military research contracts at the University of Western Ontario and other Canadian universities

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Our Mission

Counter-Stryker is a group focused on corporate-funded military research at the University of Western Ontario (UWO). The group's name refers to the Stryker Light Armored Vehicle, produced by the General Dynamics factory in London Ontario for sale to the US, Canadian and Saudi Arabian military. The UWO Faculty of Engineering currently has a major research contract to assist in the making of Light Armoured Vehicles such as the Stryker. Counter-Stryker has been formed to express our concerns over this project and others like it.

We aim to speak directly to those who are, or may become, involved in such projects. By opening a discussion of the ethics and politics of assisting in weapons-manufacture for regimes waging illegal wars and/or with a record of human rights abuse, we hope to encourage students and faculty to refuse involvement in, or to defect from, such work. We aim also to show companies such as General Dynamics that the price of campus involvement is open, critical public discussion of their activities.



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To offer support, to request information regarding General Dynamics armoured vehicle research at UWO, or to receive updates about our efforts, e-mail us at counter-stryker at excite . com

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