Centre for Social Concern

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Main Web page: http://www.kingscollege.net/cfsc/cfsc_website/pages/cfsc_homepage.html

Speaker & Event Calendar: http://www.kingscollege.net/cfsc/cfsc_website/pages/cfsc_events.html

The Centre for Social Concern was established in 1982 and is engaged in research and public awareness around a variety of issues of social justice and peace here in Canada and internationally. Consistent with the mission of King’s University College as a Catholic institution of higher learning, the intention of the Centre is to bring issues of poverty, inequality, and other forms of injustice under the scrutiny of social analysis. Prevailing ideologies that help shape social and economic policies are questioned by bringing to bear the latest empirical data and analyses drawn from a variety of alternative publications, as well as the popular press.

Another feature of the Centre is its attempt to present to the community critical voices of people involved in attempting to create progressive social change. Over the course of the year, a number of speakers give open talks addressing whatever issue they are involved with. These speakers challenge us to think critically about our social, political and physical environment and encourage us to get involved in bringing about a more just and peaceful world for all, particularly for those least capable of making themselves heard.