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Action family logo, on a fabric patch. As could be quite commonly found on the black hoodies and backpacks of many A.F. members back in the day.

Mission Statement and Manifesto

Who is the

action n. the process of doing, acting || effective intervention || to take action to begin to become effective
family n. a harmonious group bound together by common interest

The is based in London, Ontario, Canada. We are a group of activists who came together to help organize and train activists for the Summit of the Americas demonstration in Québec City, PQ.

We are activists of varied backgrounds. We are radical environmentalists, student organizers, indy media, anti-capitalists, anarchists and action medics. Our activists range from the extensively trained and experienced to the enthusiastic and energized newcomer. The is always growing, and always open to new people and new ideas.

Our focus is on the community, and the very root of our goals is to pull the community closer together. A community that works together is a strong community.

Our objectives are:

  • to stress safety and non-violence as essentials to direct action.
  • to help give activists and organizations an opportunity to learn the strategies and the role of civil disobediance in an ongoing campaign
  • to provide a training curriculum that emphasizes action and not just debate on issues
  • to unite activists and social justice organizations of all stripes and help them achieve their goals
  • and, to study and learn the evolution of direct action movements past and present

The manifesto:

The is an informal collective of activists, united with the goal of building solidarity, and social awareness within the community. Focused on exposing and fighting injustice through education and direct action, we organize on principles of equality, consensus, co-operation and mutual interdependence. Each member of the family brings a different set of skills, ideas and ideals, from the newly trained first timer to the seasoned activist.
To meet our goals of solidarity and communal growth, we offer ourselves as an educational and organizing resource. The strives to teach and learn all roles of activism, from media to medical, from direct action organizing to debriefing, and all other strategies used to foster a stronger community.

An informal collective of activists building solidarity and social awareness within the community, exposing and fighting injustice through education and direct action, organizing on principles of equality, consensus, cooperation and mutual interdependance. (and respect....??)


Actions and Community Involvement

April 2001

Social Justice Now

June 2001

Private-School Tax-Credit Sit-in

Indy Media Skill Share (2001)

People’s Street Party (Tory Fundraising Dinner)

Private School Tax Credit Hearing Disruption

August 2001

Autonomous Zone/Tent City

September 2001

Occupying the coroners office (Dudley George Sit in)

Jeremy and Dan protesting in front of the courthouse Image by Kevin Smith, Ontario Indymedia

October 2001

Tory Convention


IMC 'Zines

  • Issue 1

imc-ontario posting

  • issue 2

imc-ontario posting

Free Store

Food Not Bombs

London Street Medics

London Street Medics




Tent City to the Unity Project

Supposing ourselves to be masters of our destiny, we have dehumanized ourselves and poisoned the earth.

Slaves to our own design, we perpetuate through systemic hardships. Poverty, environmental degradation, wage slavery and oppression are all human inventions. We invented money and divided labour, thereby creating unemployment, homelessness and starvation.

Under the guise of progress, we have destroyed the natural habitat of all the earth's creatures. Only we are responsible for racism, sexism, specieism and all other forms of oppression. Each one of us is equally affected, from the homeless and starving, to the affluent leading empty nine-to-five lives.

Just as we have chosen to abide by this system of injustices, we can also choose to abandon it. The goal of any autonomous zone is to declare independence from government, bureaucracy, economy, ideology and any other system of domination to reclaim our humanity.

We believe co-operation, compassion and community to be elemental to existence as whole human beings. Escaping from competition, isolation and exploitation, we are reaching for a new beginning.

Our civil society will be based on consensus. Conflict will be resolved nonviolently. Each person will be equal, and there will be no structure of power.

One step at a time, we will provide for each other's needs and lead whole and simple lives. We will be open, we will be a community, and we will be free.

We declare our autonomy.

-Declaration of Autonomy

Important Documents

Declaration Of Autonomy

Why Build an Autonomous Zone?