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Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

General Information

Best Committee *EVER*.
The Food Committee will be planning meals for the 2007 Regional Social Forum to be held in Late June here in London. The goal of the committee is to provide healthy, sustainable and tasty meals for the participants of the RSF over four days (3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners and Snacks x a couple hundred!). To those ends, we will be developing menus, acquiring ingredients and kitchen tools, enlisting help and finally, cooking up some kick-ass meals during the event (then washing dishes ).

Who's Involved?

Organizing Principles

Meals for the 2007 RSF will be organised on the principles of using local, sustainable and organic ingredients, prioritised in the order listed, under the umbrella of being vegetarian with vegan options. To those ends, decisions will be made by Consensus at RSF Food Committee Meetings (With approval from the General Committee where required). We strive to keep the atmosphere of our meetings informal.

Next Meeting

The next meeting weill be held Monday June 11, 2 p.m. at Central Library, 1st floor, couches beside the Red Roaster counter (north end of the library)

Agenda Items

  • loose ends.
  • Storage situation.
  • Pick up/delivery dates.
  • needed equpment
  • groups to prep sweet potato soup/lasgana?
  • set next meeting (bring your scedules!)


  • Meeting minutes

Outstanding Tasks

  • Task --- Who will be responsable --- Deadline?
  • Brainstorm/Put together menu --- everyone--- April
  • Contact food coop--- ? --- Before Co-op's April Board Meeting
  • Establishing budget--- ? ---ASAP
  • Approximate # of people to feed: establish a date before ordering that we can know
  • Brainstorm some snacks for the evening
  • Order list and ordering… multiple people for multiple sites
  • Scope out the kitchen
  • Donations for equipment and utensils
  • Where can we scramble?
  • Make the spread-sheet
  • contact co-op re, missed items, delivery date for dairy (tues. june 19)
  • Establish Recipies
  • Expand recipies for numbers of servings
  • List all ingrediants and amounts for order
  • Make Order
  • Co-op order (likely delivery friday June 15)
  • Dan's Order
  • Misc. food items
  • Storage space—contact places ? ---early June (before june 15?)
  • Find groups for prepping meals ahead of time--- ? ---early June
  • Print of recipies, expanded recipies
  • Pick up co-op order, Friday june 15 (me), tues june 19 Dairy (Shila).
  • Pick up Fennel bulbs wed june 20 (market (Havaris?))\
  • Pick up odds and ends.
  • Aquire more coffee? (3.5lb)
  • Expand Red beans & rice for extra folks for critical mass.

Outstanding Issues

Issues that may need to be resolved through further discussions, logistical issues, or whatever. A brief description.

  • How to better encourage participants to bring their own dishes?

Needed Equipment

  • 3 Coffee Urns (2 for Coffee, 1 for hot water)
Urn for hot water is in UniPro basement.
maybe borrow one more from UP for weekend.
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Spray bottles (at least 2, one for sanitizer mix, one for all purpose cleaner)
  • Bio-A/P cleaner (concentrate will work for dishes too)
  • Bio-dish soap
  • Bio-bleach cleaners on order from food co-op
  • Scouring Pads (spounge type)
  • Steel Wool/SOS pads
  • Rags/cloths
  • Wash Basins AKA rubbermade tubs (3)
  • vinyl gloves
  • anti-bacterial Hand soap
  • paper towels
  • Something to serve/dispense drinks
  • pitchers (got 3 4L jugs)
  • big round rubbermade thingy (check garage)
  • Chef's Knives
  • Cutting boards (5-10?) got'em.
  • Coffee Grinder(s) coffee is ground.
  • Containers for food storage home
  • Blender(s), Food processor(s) ->food processor: lorrane. Blenders: (me, sheila)
  • Lg bowles for prep (5-10?)
  • Lg Salad Bowl (U.P.)
  • Lg Wok (U.P.)
  • buffett tray (U.P.)
  • Measuring cups/measuring spoons
  • ice cream scoops

  • Add items here


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